Foreign researchers

The reception desk for foreign researchers, labelled by the European Commission Service Centre EURAXESS Alsace, is the main contact point for foreign scientists arriving in Strasbourg and the research teams that welcome them.

Welcome and support for foreign researchers

The EURAXESS Service Centre:

  • facilitates the necessary steps for the arrival of foreign research guests, contractual doctoral candidates, post-doctoral fellows and teachers-researchers hosted at the University of Strasbourg, and their families.
  • accompanies the foreign researchers in the preparation of their stay and their installation in Alsace. The partnership agreement with the Prefecture of Bas-Rhin allows for an expedited procedure for filing an application for a residence permit.

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Opening times

The office is open every day by appointment (except in case of emergency).


The Euraxess Service Centre

International University House

11, Presqu'île Malraux

67 100 Strasbourg

Tel. +33 3 68 85 16 50 (by appointment only)




Preparing for your visit to France


◊ The University of Strasbourg has essentially three possible types of accommodation for foreign researchers:

You can send your request or question to


◊ For general information and precautions before renting accommodation, please consult this information (in french only).

Visa and Immigration

The Euraxess service centre offers its expertise to researchers regarding visa issues and supports them in terms of obtaining a residence permit.

This section does not concern nationals of the following countries: Member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino.


Stays that are less than or equal to 3 months

Some nationalities are exempt from obtaining a visa for a short stay. For more information, click on this link.


Stays lasting over 3 months

For a long stay, a "D" visa is required. Only if

You are a:

  • Post doctorate scientist-researcher (including temporary teaching and research associate (ATER), visiting researcher): Please refer to the so-called "scientific" procedure.
  • PhD student with funding that will take the form of an employment contract: Please refer to the so-called "scientific" procedure.
  • PhD student with funding in the form of a scholarship: Please follow the "student" procedure.


The so-called "scientific" procedure:

  1. Before leaving:

    • Preparation of a hosting agreement.

    • Apply for a "scientist-researcher" or "talent passport" visa.

  2. Upon your arrival:


Family of the researcher

The Euraxess Service Centre also supports the families of researchers in their procedure.

1-The spouse of the researcher: is subject to the same rules of entry into the territory. He / she must apply for a private and family visa.

Spouse: List of documents to be provided for the application for a residence permit.


2-Minor children accompanying a foreign scientist in France are subject to the same conditions of entry into the territory.

Visa C Short stay: For a stay of less than 3 months
Visa D Long stay: For stays lasting over 3 months

-Stay permits:
A minor child does not need a residence permit to stay in France, provided that one of their parents or their legal guardian holds a valid residence permit.

-DCEM (Minor Foreigner Circulation Document):
This document is not obligatory, nevertheless it facilitates the administrative procedures in France and the passage through French customs. It lasts 5 years but does not have a residence permit value.

-French Republic Identity Document (TIR):
This document concerns children born in France of foreign parents. This document is not obligatory, nevertheless it facilitates the administrative procedures in France and the passage through French customs.

Children: List of documents to be provided for the TIR or DCEM.


Renewing your residence permit

For a long stay with a status of "scientist-researcher" or "passport talents" and if your conditions permit, you can request a renewal.
For the renewal of the residence permit of the researcher and his family, an application must be submitted to the Euraxess Service Centre by appointment, which will be sent to the Prefecture.

Warning: The renewal of the residence permit must take place from 0 to 60 days before the expiry of the permit, at the risk of a fine of 180 € in case of delay.


Extending your stay

It is sometimes possible to extend your stay for a longer or shorter duration depending on your situation. Please contact your Euraxess Service Centre to find out about your opportunities.


10-year resident card

After an uninterrupted stay in France of 3 or 5 years (depending on nationality), under salaried or scientific status, it is possible to apply for a 10-year resident card.

The file can be deposited at the EURAXESS Centre by appointment.



The naturalisation file is available at the reception of the Prefecture of Bas-Rhin (5, place de la République)

The EURAXESS Centre can advise you regarding the creation of your file by appointment.

Social Security

  • Case of a non-salaried European foreign researcher: you may obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

See the following link on the CLEISS website.


  • Case of a salaried researcher (European or non-European): you must sign up upon your arrival in France.

The following documents are required:

1 - the form "Application for signing up to the general system",

2 - a copy of your passport: page(s) with identity and validity dates,

3- a copy of your "scientist-researcher" residence permit OR the long-stay visa as a "scientist-researcher" in the passport with an OFII stamp.

4- a copy of your birth certificate with parentship (no need for legalisation or certification).

Birth certificates are admissible in Albanian, German, English, Danish, Croatian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Czech and Turkish. Otherwise, it will have to be translated

             - by a sworn translator or interpreter,

             - or by the French Embassy or Consulate in the country where the certificate was issued,

             - or by the Embassy or Consulate in France of the country where the certificate was issued,

5- a copy of your Hosting Agreement,

6- a copy of your bank account details (RIB).


  • If the researcher is accompanied by his / her family

            → For the spouse, the companion, and children over 18 years of age, the same printed documents and supporting documents are required as for the researcher (identity, stay, marital status, supporting documents status and bank account details),

           → For the spouse, partner or PACs civil union partner, the same supporting documents are required as for the researcher.


                                         Send the complete file to:

                                                     ASSURANCE MALADIE DE PARIS
                                                     SRI / Talents
                                                     75948 PARIS CEDEX 19


You will receive an information letter as soon as your file has been registered. If you have medical expenses, it is also to this address that you will have to send your proof of payment and care form to obtain the refund.

Looking after and schooling of minor children

Before enrolment in school (under 6 years old)

Different childcare options are available from the age of 2 months, please visit the following website (in french only).


Enrolment in school (from 6 years old)

All children between the ages of 6 and 16 are subject to compulsory education.

How to enrol in a school? See this page.

Bilingual and international education in Strasbourg: See this page.

Search for a school in your sector: See this page.

Registration with the Pôle Emploi

Consult the registration procedure by clicking on this link.