On the path to the first European university

On 9 December 2015, the Universities of Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace, Strasbourg and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology signed the documents founding the first European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation EGTC "Eucor- The European Campus", supported entirely by universities.

The European Campus was created against the backdrop of longstanding cooperation between the universities on the Upper Rhine. In 1989 they teamed up to form an international network called Eucor (European Confederation of Universities on the Upper Rhine). By establishing the European Campus, the five universities aim to take this cross-border cooperation in research and teaching to a new level in order to gain a key advantage in the international competition for the best minds and ideas.

The European Campus serves as a center of crystallization of cross-border science and research on the Upper Rhine. With the expertise and potential of 15,000 researchers and 11,000 PhD-candidates as well as 115,000 students the alliance expands into a science and research area without walls and borders and with an international reach. The five partner universities have a total budget of 2.3 billion euros.

Member universities

Important information

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Vision and long-term goals

  • The European Campus is a European Grouping of Terrirotial Cooperation that preserves the autonomy of the partner universities, while also being able to submit funding proposals in Germany, France, Switzerland and Europe as an autonomous entity.
  • The European Campus means joint professorships, joint administrative personnel, joint service departments, joint doctoral candidates and students, joint research projects, and dual degrees.
  • The European Campus has common research infrastructures and will serve as a magnet for attracting the best young academics and international students.
  • The European Campus is model that can be emulated by other cross-border regions.

Important information

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Financial support and partners

From 2016 on, financial support from the Interreg VA Upper Rhine Program for the project “Eucor – The European Campus: Cross-Border Structures” is running for a period of three years. The EU will provide €2 million for the project. The project implements structural measures to create framework conditions encouraging groundbreaking new partnerships and structures in research and teaching to establish a common identity. The five universities of Eucor – The European Campus will analyze the regional science and research profile and take this analysis as a basis for a common structural and development plan. Moreover, they will work out the conditions for joint appointments of high-ranking academic staff. Finally, the universities also plan to develop new teaching and advising concepts; improve the transition to the regional employment market; promote mobility and interculturality among students, researchers, and administrative personnel; and create a common corporate identity for the European Campus.

Eucor - The European Campus is supported by national political institutions and by the University of Strasbourg's Excellence Initiative "Beyond Frontiers".