Contemporary Approach on Creation and the Artistic Process (ACCRA) - EA 3402

Key words

Art – Musicology – Performing arts – Visual arts – Aesthetics – Dance – Design – Iconology – Interpretation – Architecture


This research unit focuses on three main aspects of contemporary creation:

  • Questionning contemporary artworks, their creation and diffusion or their position in the public, artistic, social and economic space
  • Finding new analysis methods to enhance interpretive practices
  • Designing conceptual tools to further poetic, esthetic and methodological research and their effect on artistic practices

Research themes

The unit’s work is organised around a broad range of themes:

  • Contemporary approach on music and musicology
  • Contemporary methodology in musicology
  • Musicology, aesthetics and analysis of contemporary music
  • Psychology and music didactics
  • Commission and the place of contemporary art in public space
  • About commission
  • Critical reflexion on contemporary creation
  • Collaboration with other research groups on interdisciplinary
  • Performing arts: the representation of reality and “détournement”’
  • Cinema: South-East Asian cinema – Acting for the cinema -  cinema and iconology
  • Theater history and aesthetics, critical reflection on contemporary theatrical creation
  • Dance
  • Fine arts


Daniel Payot


Approches contemporaines de la création et de la réflexion artistiques (ACCRA)
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