Romance Studies: Culture and History (CHER) - EA 4376

Key words

Language – Texts – Arts and culture - Culture and history – Romance studies


The unit's research activities cover the study of literature, culture and language history of areas speaking a Romance language, especially the Hispanic, Italien, Portuguese and Romanian areas. The unit brings together 20 lecturers-researchers and researchers, 15 doctorate students and many lecturers-researcher from foreign universities or from French universities working on related subjects.

Research focus

The unit's research work focuses on a variety of subjects within the broad themes of literature, visual arts, linguistics, civilisation, history, sociology and philosophy, from the Middle-Ages to the 21st Century.


  • Director: Isabelle Reck
  • Assistant-director in charge of Italian studies: Emanuele Cutinelli-Rendina
  • Assistant-director in charge of Romanian studies : Hélène Lenz
  • Hispanic studies supervisors: Marie Hélène Maux-Piovano ( Spain), Nathalie Besse ( Latin America)
  • Lusophone and Philippino studies supervisor: Jean-Noël Sanchez


Culture et histoire dans l'espace roman (CHER)
Bâtiment Le Patio
22 rue René Descartes - BP 80010
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 10 26