Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (LPC) - EA 4440

Key words

Perception – Disability – Cognitive Process- Cognitive Representations


The laboratory is composed of researchers in social, developmental and cognitive psychology whose work focuses on an experimental approach of human behaviour and particularly on its underlying cognitive process.

Research focus

Research is organised around three different approaches of the cognitive process:

  • Social cognition and judgement, which focuses on the individuals’ perception and interpretation of their environment
  • Cognitive development and learning, which focuses on the cognitive process involved in the study of reading.
  • Cognitive psychopathology, which focuses on the development of innovative technology to treat people with  various conditions ( sleep disorders, autism, visual impairment)


Eva Louvet


Laboratoire de psychologie des cognitions (LPC)
Faculté de psychologie
12 rue Goethe
67000 Strasbourg

Tél : 03 68 85 19 35