Knowledge in the Anglophone Area: Representations, Culture, History (SEARCH) - EA 2325

Key Words

Foreign Languages and Literature – English Language and Literature – English Language Culture – Literature - Civilisation

Research focus

This research unit focuses on the themes of :

  • The political, social, economical and cultural life in the UK, Canda, Ireland and the USA
  • Literature, civilisation, history of ideas in english-speaking countries
  • Translation


SEARCH collaborates with :

  • EUCOR universities
  • The universities of Tübingen, Trier and  Darmstadt
  • The university of Salford (UK)
  • The universities of Indiana, Penn State and  Missouri (USA)


Savoirs dans l'espace anglophone : représentations, culture, histoire (SEARCH)
Bâtiment Le Patio
22 rue René Descartes - BP 80010
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

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