Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences (INCI) - UPR 3212

Key words

Neurobiology – Neurophysiology – Endocrinology – Biological rythms – Nitiception and pain – Neural networks – Neurosecretion


The institute is composed of nine teams researching on the development and function of the nervous and neuroendocrine systems at the molecular, cellular and integrative levels using a wide range of experimental approaches.

Research focus

The teams conduct research on three major themes through an interdisciplinary approach:

  • Communication and Networks in the Nervous System
  • Nociception and Pain
  • Neurobiology of Rhythms.


Marie-France Bader


Institut des neurosciences cellulaires et intégratives (INCI)
Centre de neurochimie
5 rue Blaise Pascal
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 88 45 66 91